Exeter Halloween!!

Exeter is a historic city in Devon. Its beautiful cathedral and its lovely Quayside make it a nice place to live.
I was living there for a while where I discovered amazing places around.
It was the 31st of October when I came back just for the weekend to visit my friends. 
It was there where I celebrated Halloween attending to the most terrific Halloween party I have ever been.

Thanks to Judith who did a really awesome job we had the best Halloween party ever!!

I uploaded some pics of her amazing recipes that she cooked!

Vomiting Pumpkin that is not as disgusting as it looks like! Actually it was a tasty guacamole leaving from the pumpkin mouth. I loved it!

A really yummy yummy "Ensaladilla rusa" (russian salad) made with vegetables, potatoes and mayonnaise. 

Then Judith sorprised us with a scared skull. That was awesome!

I have to say that it was not just the amazing food also the whole house was completely decorated with cobweb and frightened stuff.

Even the garden looked like a real English cemetery!!!

Is there a ghost behind us??
Unbelievable!! It is difficult to see the effect of the smoke but it was awesome!!

Happy Halloween to everyone!!!

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